The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project, documenting live performances by The Genius.

This project was started by my father, Bob Stumpel, on Blogspot. On February 18th 2020 he passed away. This was his project and I’m trying to transfer it all to a WordPress blog. A lot of data has been lost over the years, please let me know if you have any of the video’s or images which are now unavailable. Send me the page and the content which isn’t correct or missing by email.

The styling of this website is also a work in progress, I’m working on it on my free time. If you’d like to collaborate on the development of this website you can also let me know by email.

The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project, documenting live performances by The Genius.

This blog is above all a MediagraphyIt’s also a discography (or, more correctly, a trackography), aggregating all tunes that Ray sang and/or played – including the “canon” of 700 tracks listed on the official Ray Charles website, but also identifying the songs that have never been officially released, and e.g. the recordings of other artists, where Ray backed them on piano. Thirdly, this blog has evolved into a multimedia Chronology (click the years in the panel al the top of this page) of Ray’s productive live.

I also try to do some justice to the more than 1,000 great musicians and singers who contributed to Ray’s career (12).

The Quotes page lists the wisest, craziest and funniest things that the Genius ever said. If you want to read more about Brother Ray, go here.

The availability of the streaming video and audio content on this blog is constantly under pressure. Some rights owners still think that sharing these videos damages their sales. I’m keeping disfunctional clips as placeholders – to show that the footage exists, and to replace them when new uploads appear on the Web.

The articles in this blog are continuously updated and improved. Your help is more than welcome.

Adrian Veseli,

I am a new co-contributor to the Ray Charles Video Museum Project! I’m young in age but old at heart, I discovered Ray Charles in 2021 after watching the Ray Biopic featuring Jamie Foxx as Ray. Ever since that movie Ray has been the only artist I’ll listen to. I have become his number one listener on streaming sites such as Spotify, and also sites like, therefore I am quite literally his number one fan! I also have started a memorabilia collection of all things Ray Charles. Just to give you a little taste, I own over 150 records (both singles and albums). My goal with it is to own every canon CD, cassette, record, and different variants of the said media, etc etc.

In regards to the video museum, my goal is to keep everything up to date, posting discoveries, and possibly also any new news coming from the foundation, artists, or any other companies that have done something to honor the genius.

If you have any specific question about Ray or any personal questions, all inquiries directed to me can be sent here: