The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project, documenting live performances by The Genius.

This project was started by my father, Bob Stumpel, on Blogspot. On February 18th 2020 he passed away. This was his project and I’m trying to transfer it all to a WordPress blog, but a lot of data has been lost over the years.

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"The cats in the band could play the Blues. That came first. Show me a guy who can't play the Blues and I'm through with him before he can get started. If you can't get nasty and grovel down in the gutter, something's missing. It's not that the Blues are complicated. They're not; they're basic. There are hundreds of versions of the same Blues - the same changes, the same patterns - just as there are hundreds of versions of the same spirituals. The music is simple. But the feeling - the low-down gut-bucket feeling - has to be there or it's all for nothing."

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