The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project, documenting live performances by The Genius.

This project was started by my father, Bob Stumpel, on Blogspot. On February 18th 2020 he passed away. This was his project and I’m trying to transfer it all to a WordPress blog, but a lot of data has been lost over the years.

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"A lot of times, when the United States goes to help little countries, it says, 'We're going to build you all the roads you need; whatever you need, we're going to put it there for you.' But then it adds, 'The only thing you have to do now is stick with us and do what we want.' That's the kind of welfare I see going on here, too. My definition of welfare is: 'John, you say you need some money. Well, I'm going to give you that money - $400, $500, $1000 - whatever you need. Only I'm giving it to you for a month or a year, or however long you say you need it. Just like I have a responsibility to see that you get a break, you have a responsibility to me as a citizen to pay it back on time. You have to honor your responsibility, because I let you use your fellow citizens' money, the people who are slaving every day and paying taxes.' Now, John wants to know how the hell he's going to pay me back, when he wouldn't have borrowed the money in the first place, if he had any to pay me back with. 'Well, John, while you've got the taxpayers' money, I'm going to put you through this training school I've got. And since I'm the U.S. government, I've got courses in whatever you want to study—bricklaying or medicine. While you're there, John, I'm going to pay you some money, so that your family doesn't starve while you're learning. After you've learned your trade and once I place you in a job, that front money I loaned you must be paid back to the government—a little at a time—until every nickel is returned to my cash register.' That way, John has his dignity and the government gets a return on its investment."

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