The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project, documenting live performances by The Genius.

This project was started by my father, Bob Stumpel, on Blogspot. On February 18th 2020 he passed away. This was his project and I’m trying to transfer it all to a WordPress blog, but a lot of data has been lost over the years.

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"RC: 'Are you Mr. Phil Spector?’
PS: ‘Yes.’
RC: ‘Are you the Boy Genius?’
PS: ‘Yes.’
RC: ‘Are you the inventor of the Wall Of Sound?’
PS: ‘Yes.’
RC: ‘Are you the guy who had over 20 hit singles in a row?’
PS: ‘Yes’
RC: ‘Then Mr. Spector, how come there's no toilet paper in the bathroom?'
Source here."

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