The Ray Charles Video Museum is a research project, documenting live performances by The Genius.

This project was started by my father, Bob Stumpel, on Blogspot, on February 18th 2020 he passed away. This was his project and I’m trying to transfer it all to a WordPress blog, but a lot of data has been lost over the years.

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"Then there were motorcycles. I learned to ride one in Tallahassee when I was about 14 or 15. I got to know the town pretty well, and soon I felt confident about riding round. Tallahassee was full of hills, and I loved racing up and down 'em, sometimes trailing my friend or riding next to him, so I could hear the sound of the exhaust and make sure to follow closely and yet not too closely. I know it sounds strange - a blind teenager buzzin' round on a motorcycle - but I liked that; that was me. I had always been nervy, and I always had a lot of faith in my ability not to break my neck."

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