Written by
Bob Stumpel

June 20

Ray Charles Guesting At Gala-Abend In Berlin

'71 TV BerlinAlbum3 1971 Gala

On August 28, 1971, Ray Charles performed What’d I Say, as the finale of the “Internationalen Starparade des Gala-Abends der Schallplatte”. He probably played with his own big band and The Raelettes.

The show was televized live by Sender Freies Berlin/WDR-2, and shortly after a commemorative elpee was released in a limited edition by Sender Freies Berlin (TST 77 244, 1971; produced by Teldec).

Who knows more about any surviving TV footage of that show?

This article is based on findings by Joël Dufour.


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