With Estella Yarbrough

  • November 15, 2014

    Chain Of Fools (With The Raelettes, Ft Estella Yarbrough)

    Unreleased. The first known recording at the Fillmore East in New York City on April 18, 1970 may well have been the best. Estella claimed the tune from the beginning until the end. .Ray Charles – piano; Blue Mitchell, Bill King, Herbie Anderson, Marshall Hunt – trumpets; Joe Randazzo, Henry Coker, Glenn Childress, Fred Murell – trombones; […]

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  • November 6, 2014

    I Want Your Love (With The Raelettes, Ft Estella Yarbrough)

    Unreleased. Estella Yarbrough picked up thic Chic tune when it came out, and sang it until the end. Live:’79 LC Antibes’80 LC Northsea’81 LC Barcelona’81 LC Sanremo’82 LC Antibes’83 CL Antibes’84 LC Warsaw’85 LC NewHaven’85 LC Antibes’86 LC Lugano’89 LC Ghent’95 LC Greenville’95 LC Tramps’99 LC Rome NM00 LC Basel

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  • October 21, 2014

    Rock Steady (With The Raelettes, Ft. Estella Yarbrough)

    Unreleased. This Aretha Franklin song from 1971 was immediately adopted by Raelette Estella Yarbrough. She kept on performing it until the end. Leverkusen 1993: Live: ’72 LC Copenhagen ’72 LC San Carlos ’75 LC Madrid ’75 LC LatinCasino ’81 LC Prague ’81 LC Rome ’93 LC Leverkusen ’94 LC Moscow 02 LC Pasadena

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  • October 19, 2014

    Shameless (The Raelettes, ft. Estella Yarbrough)

    Album (2-CD): Ray Charles In Concert [in Warsaw], S.l., 2006. The first surviving recording was from a concert in Viareggio, in July 1984. The two later tapings were much better. 1986 Toyohashi: Live: ’84 LC Viareggio ’84 LC Warsaw – Released (and streaming audio here) ’86 LC Toyohashi

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  • October 7, 2014

    You Better Watch Them Dogs (aka Watch Them Dogs) (Ft Estella Yarbrough)

    Raelettes-tune, claimed by Estella Yarbrough, only known from concerts in the second half of the ninetees. Written by Melvin Williams. Live: ’95 LC Tramps – 2x ’97 LC Saratoga ’97 LC Montreux – Released on DVD ’99 LC Glasgow ’97 LC Montreux:

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