Written by
Bob Stumpel

September 11

America The Beautiful (2002?)

02? Clip America

This is the Ray Charles Marketing Group‘s gift to people who want to commemorate 9/11. It was uploaded earlier today to their new RMCG account at Vimeo, and is promoted through their official Ray Charles pageon Facebook.
The Genius, uncharacteristically, is playbacking. He looks like 72+ here. My best guess is that this clip (where Ray was shot sitting before a green screen) was produced at the time of (maybe as a promotion for) the compilation album Ray Charles Sings For America (cf. this). Who knows more?

Update 15 September 2011: 
The video has already been removed by “RMCG”, and their string of 3,000+ likes has been erased from their Facebook page…

I have a hunch that this DVD may be the source of this clip. 


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