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Bob Stumpel

January 26

Brother Ray Is At It Again (1980)

Album 1980 BrotherCanon

  1. Compared To What
  2. Anyway You Want To
  3. Don’t You Love Me Anymore (flugelhorn solo by Bobby Bryant Freddie Hubbard*)
  4. A Poor Man’s Song
  5. Now That We’ve Found Each other
  6. Ophelia
  7. I Can’t Change It
  8. Questions

Crossover/Atlantic SH 8546, March 1980.

This album was released more than a year after the first edition of Brother Ray; Ray Charles’ Own Story, the autobiography co-written with David Ritz, a moderate bestseller in 1978, and a little before the release of The Blues Brothers. Nevertheless, this release was hardly noticed, and now the album is almost totally forgotten.

The musicians were not credited. Bobby Bryant (trumpet) and David T. Walker (guitar) were amongst the session musicians. The backing vocals on #1 were possibly sung by The Raelettes; the choir on #7 remains unidentified. Arrangers: Mike Post (#1, 4, 6), Larry Muhoberac (#2, 5), Nan Schwartz (#3), Ray Charles (#7 and #8 together with), Sid Feller.

* This new attribution is based on a consensus among trumpetist alumni of the Ray Charles band.

Full album:


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