Written by
Bob Stumpel

November 14

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

'79 LC AustinAlbum 1960 Road

Album: Album: Genius Hits the Road, ABC/Paramount 335, July 1960.

Recorded at the Capitol Studios in New York City on 29 March 1960.

With John Hunt, Marcus Belgrave, Martin Banks – trumpet; David Newman – tenor saxophone, Hank Crawford – alto saxophone, Leroy Cooper – baritone saxophone; Milt Turner – drums; Edgar Willis – bass.
According to the original liner notes, the tune was arranged by Ralph Burns. In reality, the song was probably charted by Bob Brookmeyer.

The speaking voice was producer Sid Feller‘s.

(Track #9)

The song was longlisted in concert souvenir brochures from 1961 to 1964 (and may have been specifically performed during gigs in Texas), but no live tapes of that period have ever emerged. Therefore it’s a lucky thing that Austin City Limits invited The Genius in ’79. The performance of this song was a very funny finale.

’79 LC Austin – Stream.


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