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Bob Stumpel

November 14

Do It To Me Slow (The Raelettes, Ft Pat Peterson)

UnreleasedWith Pat PetersonWith The Raelettes

Pat Peterson (video still), by far the most exuberant dancer in the long history of The Raelettes


Among Ray Charles fans Do It To Me Slow is best known for its triumphant theme, which for many years was played as the introduction ‘jingle’ for the walk-on of “All 5”, a.k.a. The Raelettes. The tune was arranged by Ray Charles and James Polk.
Pat Peterson gave a very vivid performance of the full version of the song during Ray’s second concert at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, on July 13th, 1980.

A sample of the residual version for The Raelettes’ walk-on (from Montreux 1997, starts at 45’20):
Update 01.02.2021: Unfortunately this footage was somehow running on flashplayer, which is out of commission, please let me know if you have this footage — Cyd

’80 LC Northsea


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