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Bob Stumpel

November 14

Don’t Change On Me

Album 1970 Love

DJ promo single.

Album: Love Country Style, ABC/Tangerine 707, June 1970.
Single (A): ABC 11291, February 1971, b/w Sweet Memories.

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles in May 1970.

The musicians and singers remained uncredited. But Carol Kaye played bass on this one. On her forum she wrote:

“I did follow the arrangement in the intro only; then Ray told me ‘to go for it’ as usual…. Was fun to record. Ray changed the horn parts right on the date, giving them their notes, and the rest of the fine arrangement by the great Sid Feller was left in-tact, strings etc. Sid was there conducting… Always loved working for Sid. 

And of course Ray was always the greatest! […] Not sure who the drummer was, think we cut this about same time as Feel So Bad so it probably was his band drummer [Ernie Ellie, BS] at that time, he always had great musicians… I’m sure Grover Mitchell is on this date, I remember chatting with him, excellent trombonist who Ray always used on his dates!”

The original single is a mono fold of  the original 3’01 album version. The 3’23 version used a different vocal take and can be found on later anthologies.

3’01 version:

3’23 version:
Update 01.02.2021: the video of this performance is no longer available on YouTube, please let me know in the comments below if you have any footage, thanks — Cyd

Hee Haw, 1970:

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