Written by
Bob Stumpel

November 13

Drifting Blues

Album 1966 Crying

Album: Crying Time, ABC/Paramount/Tangerine 544, January 1966.

Recorded in Q3 of 1965 at RPM International in Los Angeles. Arranged by Onzy Matthews.

With his rhythm section, a few strings and a choir. The violins and the (white) singers may seem odd in a blues number like this, but it worked our marvelously.
The album doesn’t credit any of the musicians (but Ray Crawford – guitar; Jim Crutcher – bass; Chiz Harris – drums).

A 1968 tour souvenir brochure longlisted the tune as being part of the live repertoire, but no recordings have surfaced.
Ray may have accompanied Joe Williams – playing or even singing the tune – in a 1973 episode of the Mike Douglas Show.


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