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Bob Stumpel

November 12

Feel So Bad

Album 1971 Volcanic

Album: Volcanic Action Of My Soul, ABC/Tangerine 726, April 1971.
Single (A): ABC 11308, July 1971, b/w Your Love Is So Doggone Good.

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles on January 18, 1971. Arranged by Roger Neumann.

The musicians remained uncredited. But Joël Dufour’s interviews with some of the involved session musicians has led to the following line-up reconstruction: William King, Blue Mitchell, Don Rader, Bob Senescu – trumpets; Lou Blackburn, Henry Coker, Fred Murrell, Maurice Spears – trombones; Buddy Emmons – steel guitar; Jerry Reed, Glen Campbell – guitars*; Carol Kaye – bass**; Edward “Sharkey” Hall – drums.

Ray and the band (especially his guitarists) always had a good time playing it.

* Don Peake remembers contributing to the recording of this song as well. I guess that he then was overdubbed.
** Carol Kaye wrote: “As a bass player studio musician, my job was always to *create* a bass line that fit the song, singer, style and what was going on around me… that’s what jazz musicians do all the time, and [that’s] why producers went out to seek out the experienced, highly skilled (with fine recordable techniques) creative jazz musicians to do the rock/soul/pop record dates in the late 1950s… It’s easy for us to innately just do that instinctively… No words were spoken, you operate ONLY in sounds. And that’s what I did here – this had Jerry Reed & Glen Campbell guitars, the fine Buddy Emmons steel solo. Notey yes, it needed that power but also notes to stay out of the way of everyone else while supporting all that was going on… changing my pattern radically for the steel soloing, adding some double-stops jazz-comping-wise (no not jazz style)… to back him up, while still on the bottom supporting the band…”
And: “Ray re-cut the vocal,caught some of my bass licks on the upbeats. Was popular on the jazz stations here in LA for a while. One of my fav recordings I did, it was always fun to work for Ray. It has a little more treble on bass than I usually had for Ray, probably at his request.”

Cavett Show, 1972
Japan, 1975
Toyohashi, 1986
Ghent, 1989
Newport Festival, 1993

’71 LC San Carlos
’71 LC Torino – Bootleg
’71 LC Paris – 2x
’72 TV Flip
’72 LC Newport – 2x
’72 TV Cavett – Released
’72 LC Copenhagen
’72 LC Paris – 3x
’72 LC San Carlos
’72 LC Tel Aviv – Released
’73? LC Germany – Pseudo-Basie, released
’73 LC Arbor
’73 LC Stockholm
’73 LC Paris
’75 LC Brussels – 2x
’75 LC Madrid
’75 LC LatinCasino
’75 LC Japan – Released
’76 LC Antibes
’76 LC Stuttgart
’78 LC Antibes – 2x
’78 LC Boston
’80 LC Northsea
’84 LC Nancy
’86 LC Toyohashi – Released
’86 LC Rio
’87 LC Antibes
’88 LC Saratoga
’89 LC Paris – 2x
’89 LC Ghent
’90 LC ArtPark
’90 LC Antibes
’90 LC Lloret
’90 LC Dresden BB
’90 LC Milan
’90 LC Rome
’90 LC Tokyo
’91 LC BlueNote
’91 LC Milan
’93 LC Newport – Released


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