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Bob Stumpel

January 26

The Genius Lighting Up His Pipe (1963)

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Ray Charles, smoking a pipe in 1963.

Newspapers’ photo archives are a relatively new category of – increasingly valuable – online sources for historical research. So far, a limited number of (mainly American) newspapers have created little photo archive webshops, from which they sell quality photo prints (i.e. copies) from their collections. The Chicago Tribune is a very active first mover in this niche market.
One of the most active players in this space is HistoricImages, who frequently buy up archives, and currently are auctioning out small stacks of original newspaper photo prints  over Ebay.
The photo at the left was shot by Denver Post staff photographer Jack Riddle. The verso side has a small clipping glued to it with a snippet of the published article. The caption to it obviously refers to a concert at DU (University of Denver).


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