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Bob Stumpel

November 8

I Can’t Do No More

Album 1949 - 1956 WayWith Rufus Beacham Orchestra

Sittin’ In With 651-A. Picture’s source is here.
From Cashbox, Sep. 27, 1952.

Single (A): Sittin’ In With 651, b/w Roly Poly. Recorded in Miami (?), usually dated in 1951 (but see date of Billboard clip, below).
Compilation album: The Way I Feel, Proper, 22 October 2007.

Ray Charles – voc, p; possibly Gosady McKee – g; Otto McQueen – b; Manzy Harris – ds.

From Billboard, October 11, 1952.  Mentioning release of Sittin’ In With 651: I Can’t Do No
More and Roly Poly.
From Cashbox, Oct. 11, 1952.

I Can’t Do No More was originally released as a tune recorded by Ray Charles with the Rufus Beacham’s Orchestra on the Sittin’ In With label,  #651.
Its flip side, an instrumental, was Roly Poly, released under pianist and band leader Rufus Beacham’s name. Roly Poly was subsequently released as Back Home under Ray Charles’ name (together with I Can’t Do No More) on all subsequent re-issues. During a March 4, 1989 interview, Ray Charles expert Joel Dufour played Roly Poly to Ray who said that the name of Rufus Beacham didn’t ring any bell.


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