Written by
Bob Stumpel

November 7

I Don’t Need No Doctor

Album 1960 - 1973 Singular

Single (B): ABC 10865, October 1966, b/w Please Say You’re Fooling.
Compilation album: Singular Genius, Concord Records, 15 November 2011.

Radio DJs received a promo single with a rare, much longer (5’09”), version. But making this hypnotizing tune a B-side probably wasn’t the smartest release decision ever made. Don’t miss the marvelous performance in Stockholm (below).

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles. Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles in April 1966. With uncredited musicians (incl. Preston Love on alto, Leroy Cooper on bari, Carol Kaye on bass, Rene Hall on guitar, Earl Palmer on drums) and The Raelettes (Merry Clayton, Gwen Berry, Clydie King, Lilian Fort or possibly Edna Wright).

Carol Kaye remembers that René Hall also arranged the tune.

DJ version [may be blocked in some geographies due to – disputed – copyright claim]:

Stockholm 1968:

’67 LC Pleyel
’67 LC Berlin
’67 LC Melbourne
’68 LC Stockholm
’68 LC Fresno
’68 LC Paris
00 TV McDonald NM


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