Written by
Bob Stumpel

November 7

I Told You So

Album 1969 Thing

Album: Ray Charles Doing His Thing, ABC/Tangerine 695, May 1969.

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles.

With The Raelettes, The Ray Charles Orchestra, and some strings (all musicians remained uncredited). Written and produced by Jimmy Lewis.

Update 13.02.2021: the video of this performance is no longer available on YouTube, please let me know in the comments below if you have any footage, thanks — Cyd

Trumpeter Jack Walrath remembered: “Ray pulled this out of his hat and played it at the Apollo when we were there in 1971 [i.e. 23 to 29 June, BS]. None of us had ever heard this before and there were no horn parts. He only did this once and this was the most intense performance of the year I was with him. This is not a lie: He literally had us on our knees and sobbing!”


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