Written by
Bob Stumpel

November 5

I’m A Fool To Care

Album 1960 - 1973 Singular

Single (A): ABC 10700, June 1965, b/w Love’s Gonna Live Here.
Compilation album: Singular Genius, Concord Records, 15 November 2011.

Recorded at the United Studios in Hollywood in January 1965. With uncredited strings, rhythm section (but with Rene Hall on guitar, and Earl Palmer on drums) and backing vocals.

Remastering engineer Steve Hoffman commented that:

I’m A Fool To Care existed only in mono so Ray mixed it to stereo for the first time in 1987 for the first Dunhill CD (before we met him, actually). As far as I know, that stereo mix has been used ever since. Why that song was left off of any album back then is a mystery. Should have (and could have) been on ABC-Paramount 520 or 544 easily.”

Update 13.02.2021: the video of this performance is no longer available on YouTube, please let me know in the comments below if you have any footage, thanks — Cyd


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