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Bob Stumpel

November 4

I’m So Tired Of Waiting (With Gladys Knight) (?)

UnreleasedWith Gladys Knight


Stories like this are often not true, but who knows…: “One day he called (it was on a Wednesday) and said he wanted to record a song I wrote called I’m So Tired Of Waiting that he had in mind to record with Gladys Knight. He said he needed an additional verse by Saturday. By Saturday I had five new verses for him to select from. The song did not make it onto his album Just Between Friends [i.e. Just Between Us; Ray and Gladys recorded a duet on I Wish I’d Never Loved You At All]. I was very disappointed but was told through reliable sources that the song was recorded. My hope now is that one day it will surface along with some of the other tunes he had expressed interest in. However, I am still proud of the fact that Ray Charles took an interest in my songs. One of my highlights was after one of his performances at Hollywood’s House of Blues [on October 2, 2000], I was invited backstage and he and I ended up singing the chorus of one of his songs together,” songwriter Larry Buford recalled in this story.

Ray and Larry in 2000, at the House of Blues.


Larry Buford — 2019-11-08 23:12:26

Believe me, it's true! That photo of me and Mr. Charles was not taken at House of Blues, but rather at the grand opening of his fitness center in Inglewood. He also recorded Happy Birthday to my grandmother for her 90th birthday which I still have.

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