Written by
Bob Stumpel

November 3

Isn’t It Wonderful (By Lim Taylor, Ray Charles On Keyboard)

Album3 1972 LimWith Lim Taylor

Album3: Lim Taylor, You Hear Me Knocking, Crossover CR-9001-A*, 1972.

The song was written by Joel Webster and Lim Taylor.

Lim Taylor is the son of Mable John (and the brother of Joel Webster whose Elixir LP also came out on Crossover).

The album was produced by Lim Taylor, Joel Webster and Edward Langford (who also penned most of the songs), and engineered by Bob Gratts.

* This number suggests it was the first thing issued on Crossover Records. #9003 is Billy Brooks’ Windows Of The Mind, but #9002 stayed empty (maybe this number was set aside for the album that Ray and Billy Preston once planned to record (this – highly plausible – speculation was put forward by Joël Dufour).

Ray Charles with Mable John and her sons Joel Webster and Lim Taylor, recording at RPM (from: Blues & Soul, #211, Oct 1976).


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