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Bob Stumpel

November 1

Learn To See (Duet)

'93c Clip LearnUnreleasedWith Peggy Scott-Adams

Video still.


“One of Mr. Scacciaferro’s proudest accomplishments is a documentary exploring the life of people with Down Syndrome featuring a music video written by Mr. Scacciaferro and performed by his long time friend Ray Charles,” his website says.

Part of it was a song titled Learn To See, written and produced by Scacciaferro, and performed by Ray Charles.

The year of this production must have been in or close to 1993.

Who knows the name of the other singer [is it Peggy Scott-Adams?]; and about the documentary?

This making of-video sheds some more light on the production of the video clip, which was taped at the SIR studios in Los Angeles:


Tom King — 2023-09-21 13:34:30

Brother I would love to have a copy of this video. I know you gave me one when you finished this project. Thank you, Tom

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