Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 31

Let’s Go Get Stoned

Album 1966 Crying

Album: Crying Time, ABC/Paramount/Tangerine 544, January 1966.
Single (A): ABC 10808, May 1966, b/w The Train.

Recorded the second fall session in 1965 at RPM International in Los Angeles.
Ray may have* listened to Ronnie Milsap’s interpretation before he taped his own.

With The Raelettes. Billy Preston on organ. Bass and drums uncredited. Carole Kaye remembers that Rene Hall played guitar and Earl Palmer played drums (Don Peake also remembers playing guitar – was he overdubbed?).
Bobby Hutcherson remembered that his sister Peggy was one of the singers backing Ray (and even that she was a Raelette at that time). Vermettya Royster has also declared that she backed Ray during this session.

* Here is proof!

’67 LC Berlin
’68 LC Bluesthing – Released
’68 LC Bakersfield
’73 LC Arbor


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