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Bob Stumpel

September 13

Love And Peace (1978)

Album 1978 LoveCanonSoundclip

  1. You 20th-Century Fox (James Gadson on drums)
  2. Take Off That Dress
  3. She Knows
  4. Riding Thumb
  5. We Had It All
  6. No Achievement Showing
  7. A Peace That We Never Before Could Enjoy
  8. Is There Anyone Out There
  9. Give The Poor Man A Break

Love And Peace was the first Ray Charles album produced on 24 tracks, at RPM. Ray used them all.

The musicians remained uncredited. As usual in these years, Ray worked with The Raelettes, members of his Orchestra and session musicians.
Peter Turre, Ray’s drummer for many years, informed me that Steve Beskrone (bass) played on a lot of the tracks, with studio ace Paul Humphries and funkmaster supreme James Gadson on drums. Drummer Scott von Ravensberg recalls re-recording the drum tracks on #2, 4, 7 and 9. I guess that means that Paul Humphries can still be heard on on She Knows, We Had It All, No Achievement Showing and Is There Anyone Out There.

Crossover/Atlantic 19199, 1978-09.

Complete album (audio only):


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