Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 29

Love Train (Ft Dorothy Berry, Ray Charles On Keyboards)

Album3 1972 RaelettesWith Dorothy BerryWith The Raelettes

Album3: (Ray Charles Presents The) Raeletts, Yesterday… Today… Tomorrow, Tangerine 1515, 1972.

The Raelettes (probable line-up): Vernita Moss, Susaye Green, Mable John, Dorothy Berry and Estella Yarbrough. Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles, with uncredited members of the Ray Charles Orchestra (and maybe some session musicians).

Album 1972
Madrid 1975 (also with Dorothy Berry-Durr)

’72 LC San Carlos
’73 LC Arbor
’75 LC Paris
’75 LC Madrid
’76 LC Stuttgart


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