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Bob Stumpel

October 26

More Love Than Ordinary

'99 CM ManorAlbum 1993 World

This was a bonus track (only) on a French release of the CD: My World, Warner Bros 26735, 1993*.

The song was originally written by Francis Cabrel (cf. this Youtube clip), and adapted in English by (Ray’s longtime French girlfriend) Arlette Kotchounian**. It was added as a bonus track to a (French?) (re?)release of Ray’s album My World (Disk ID: 1674286*).
Ray’s original audio version, with Ray even singing a line in French, can be listened to through the clip below.

In 1999 the song was used in a commercial commissioned by

Ad by one of Manor’s retail chains.

Groupe Manor, a Swiss retail group, as part of their Millennium campaign.

* The linked source dates the CD in 1993, the year of the original release; I assume the re-release with this bonus track was from 1999 or 2000.
** Kotchounian has been involved in several fundraising activities for children charities; the original recording may have to do with one of these.

The bonus track:

1999 commercial:


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