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Bob Stumpel

September 8

The Ray Charles – Yes Indeed DVD (2009)

Album 1969 - 1978 Indeed

Obvious errors in DVD’s credits corrected in list below.

In 2009 Genesis published a limited edition book-and-DVD-set titled Ray Charles:Yes Indeed![Book:]The Photographs Of Joe Adams;[DVD:]Performances by Ray Charles, presenting “the unseen archive of Ray’s friend and manager”.

Because I didn’t feel any sympathy for this (Adams’) vanity project, I never bought a copy. But I’m happy that since the set came out nearly all of the photos (many of them documenting backstage and set scenes from a number of Ray’s appearances at TV shows, mostly spanning the late 1960s and the 1970s) have leaked to the internet.

A friend recently send me a copy of the DVD, confirming or reconfirming that this footage has survived in excellent condition, and enabling me to correctly describe the DVD’s contents for the first time. The links lead to more extensive blog articles about this footage:

  1. Born To Lose – from The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (aired 9 April 1969)

  2. Georgia On My Mind + Yesterday/Blues In The Night/God Bless The Child/Hallelujah Love Her So (with Carol Burnett) – from The Carol Burnett Show (aired 26 January 1972)

  3. Crying Time (with Barbra Streisand) – from Barbra Streisand… And Other Musical Instruments (aired 2 November 1973)

  4. Heaven Help Us All  – from Soul Of The Holy Land – The Lost Concert (filmed December 1972)

  5. I Got A Woman  – from Saturday Night Live (aired 12 November 1977)

  6. I Believe To My Soul – ibid

  7. Them That Got – ibid

  8. Hit The Road Jack – ibid

  9. Half As Much – from Johnny Cash: Spring Fever (aired 7 May 1978)


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