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Bob Stumpel

October 22

One-Two-Three (aka 1-2-3) (The Ray Charles Orchestra)

'65 FI TNTRay Charles Orchestra

Album3 (VHS): The Big T.N.T. Show, Anchor Bay, 1988.
Album3 (DVD): The Big T.N.T. Show, March 2011.

For the T.N.T. gig in 1965 Ray was billed with “his band”, but since he wasn’t touring at that time, the orchestra was, just for this occasion, “composed largely of Los Angeles jazz artists” (as Jet magazine wrote). This “Ray Charles Band” must have contributed (or at least must have mimicked that they were contributing) to the closing tune, One, Two Three (1-2-3), with David McCallum “conducting the orchestra”.

In 1966 McCallum also put the tune out on his album Music Is A Part Of Me.


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