Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 22

Poor Butterfly (With Quincy Jones A.O.)

Album3 1983 QuincyWith Buddy CatlettWith Bumps BlackwellWith Ernestine AndersonWith Floyd StandiferWith Major PickfordWith Quincy Jones

Album3 (VHS): Quincy Jones – A Celebration In Seattle, VC II VC133, S.a. (c. 1983) or Front Row Video, 15 November 1990.

During this TV concert, taped on 12 or 13 March 1983 in Seattle, as an extra surprise, Quincy brought Bumps Blackwell, Floyd Standifer, Buddy Catlett, Major Pickford and Ernestine Anderson on stage, presenting them, together with Ray, as a reunion of a typical show at the Washington Social Club “in 1947 or 1948” [this should be 1948 or 1949, BS], where they made some extra money through the ‘Kitty Box’, where guests would put in an extra quarter for any request that was fulfilled by the musicians. The reunited group, together with Quincy and Ray, performed Poor Butterfly.


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