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Bob Stumpel

September 4

Ray Charles Band Promoting Pepsi Clothing Line In Glendale (1991)

'91 CM PepsiGlendale

In April 1991 Ray Charles and his Orchestra performed in a series of promotional gigs at U.S. shopping malls, showing Pepsi’s Uh-huh clothing line.
For PR footage of such a promotional concert at the Galleria mall in Glendale, California on 29 April 1991, see this. You’ll hear bits of Riding Thumb, Busted and Georgia. For more on the Pepsi campaign, read this.


Rudy Petross — 2013-09-11 04:03:40

I was there. I covered it for the Glendale News Press. I was 20 feet from him and when he sang Georgia on my Mind it was like the first time he ever sang it. I remember crying in the middle of the Galleria it was so beautiful.

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