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Bob Stumpel

November 24

Ray Charles Contributing To Smothers Brothers Show’s Theme Song

'69 TV SmothersWith Andy WilliamsWith Barbara FeldonWith DonovanWith Harry BelafonteWith Jackie MasonWith Nancy SinatraWith The Smothers BrothersWith Victor Borge

Halfway through the production of theThe Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1967–1969) a theme tune (written by Perry Botkin, Jr., Mason Williams, and Nancy Ames) was introduced. While it became more and more popular, the stars who appeared on the show were asked to contribute to a montage, which probably was broadcast only once: during the very last show on April 20, 1969. Ray delivered his bit when he appeared on the show that was aired on January 19, 1969.
Among the other contributors I recognized The Smothers Brothers, Jackie Mason, Harry Belefonte, Nancy Sinatra, Donovan, Andy Williams, Victor Borge, Bob Einstein, Barbara Feldon, Bob Newhart, and Jonathan Winters.

Update 24.01.2021: the video of this performance is no longer available on YouTube, please let me know in the comments below if you have any footage, thanks — Cyd


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