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Bob Stumpel

July 4

Ray Charles Live In Cagliari (1983)

'83 TV BlitzWith Georges Moustaki

Video still: Ray Charles with Georges Moustaki.

A friend send me a DVD with a charming compilation of better, lesser and un-known TV performances by the Genius. Entirely new to me was a RAI program from 1983. According to the guy who compiled the DVD it contains footage of a show in ‘Taoramina’, but I found 4 or 5 frames with a superimposed text that identifies the video as coming from a concert that was broadcast live from the Teatro Romano in Cagliari, on Sardinia*. Cross checking this with the 1983 Chronology page, makes it possible to add a precise date to this show: June 12.
The setting is rather difficult to describe. On the stage everything seems ready for a fully fledged concert by Charles and his big band, but Ray is sitting there alone at his piano, performing 3/4 Time. While in the background stagehands are still busy with cables and stuff, and the audience in the open air theater already is paying full attention to Ray, now singing Hallelujah I Love Her So, he is joined by Georges Moustakiand a bunch of other artists (Moustaki’s band?). Chaos ensues, but everybody seems to have a good time.

See the comment to this article to understand (better) what really happened that day: before the band’s regular concert during the evening, Ray guested on a TV show titled Blitz, centered around Moustaki. This show was recorded in day time.

*Taormina, on Sicily, has a fabulous Greek amfitheater. 


Stefano — 2014-03-08 09:10:06

I was there. The TV program was named "Blitz" and was live on air on sunday afternoon. Ray was a guest of the program, maybe with Moustaki, that particular day live from Cagliari, but in the late evening he gave a real concert, not trasmitted in TV, with his band. A great concert. The picture you show was made in the daylight, so it is referred to the TV shows, not to the evening concert.

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