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Bob Stumpel

November 7

Ray Charles In The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Of The Super Bowl (1977)

'77 TV Mad NM

On 2 January 1977 NBC and CBS both aired variety Super Bowl specials. CBS offered Super Night At The Super Bowl, hosted by Sammy Davis Jr., Elliott Gould and Andy Williams, with guests like Johnny Bench, Natalie Cole, Joe Frazier, Angie Dickinson, Ken Norton, Charley Pride, Sha-Na-Na, O.J. Simpson and John Wayne.
On NBC Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Joe Namath hosted The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Of The Super Bowl, directed by Tim Kiley, with guests Steve Allen, Foster Brooks, George Carlin, Rosey Grier, Arte Johnson, Doc Severinson, Harvey Korman, Ed McMahon, Stiller &Meara, Jimmie Walker, Jonathan Winters, and Ray Charles. Source here.


C.D. — 2019-05-10 05:44:08

Unchain my heart..... if only I could return to the night of January 2ed 1977 ... I would give everything I have.... to only make a few changes to the direction of my path.

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