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Bob Stumpel

February 13

Ray Charles Interviewed By Russian Boy Band Na-Na (2001)

01 DM Na-Na

When Ray Charles played his last concert in Moscow, in the autumn of 2000, he had the popular Russian boy band Na-Na in the audience, where, they confessed to Ray, they tried to respond to his music as ‘black’ as they could.
Not too long after that, in 2001, the boys paid the old man a visit at RPM, in Los Angeles, acompanied by their founder and manager, Bari Albasov, who also acted as a producer of this documentary footage. Their charming Q&A was uploaded to YouTube (in no less than 22 parts; part #5 still missing), entitled Great Ray Charles and Russian groep Na-Na.

After delighting The Genius with an a capella rendition of a Russian folk song, Brother Ray paid them back with a bit of Georgia:


Karolina Neyrus — 2013-03-05 00:08:51

Na-Nax is beyond amazing and talented! They are legendary in Russia and known all over the world, too bad Americans are missing out on their talent. Someone needs to bring them here!

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