Written by
Bob Stumpel

December 17

Ray Charles, King Of Soul (1988) (and 2007?)

'88 DM King NM07 DM King NM

In Germany the epithet “King of Soul” was often used for Ray (e.g. also for a few album titles). On 3 January 1988 the first German TV network aired a 70-minute program titled Ray Charles, King of Soul. According to this (Dutch) source it encompassed an interview and concert takes.
On 1 May 2007 tv station ARD re-broadcast the program (or… was it an entirely new documentary? BS) with the title Ray Charles – King of Soul. This source specifies that the “film” was made by Ali Haurand, a well known German jazz musician, presenting “Der musikalische Weg eines Superstars” – the musical journey of a superstar). The content description (“Ray Charles starb am 10. Juni 2004” – Ray Charles died on June 10th, 2004) seems to imply that this film was produced after Ray’s death. Who knows more?


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