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Bob Stumpel

October 7

Ray Charles’ Last Birthday Party Filmed (2003)

03 DM Birthday

Stock agency CelebrityFootage has databased a clipof Ray’s last birthday celebration, at his studio in Los Angeles (clip ID # 6322_001). It shows him with Willie Nelson and Quincy Jones.
Ray Charles Enterprises used it to generate some PRaround Ray’s health situation. A member of the Jazzcorner forum adequately responded, “It figures if Ray would be sidelined by an ailment, it would be a hip one”.


stevenjared0853 — 2018-07-18 11:21:48

Ray Charles' Last Birthday Party looks so fun. Everyone is looking very excited. I am so glad that it turned out to be such a blast. My grandfather is also turning 90 soon and I think we should make him feel special on this milestone of his life. Would love to throw a get together at one of the vintage inspired NYC venues.

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