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January 15

Ray Charles Live In Antibes (1982)

'82 LC AntibesConcert 1982 Antibes

After almost two years of research for this blog, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find video footage which is entirely new to me. But last week Hector Tarín Nieto, a young Ray Charles enthusiast from Valencia in Spain,  surprised me with the message that he had found a video with (parts of) the concert at the Antibes Jazz Festival, on July 20, 1982. The track list doesn’t contain any big surprises, but the overall quality is good, and this concert’s version of Just Because alone made it worthwhile to watch the program.

(Video still).

The title cards make it clear that the taping was directed by veteran Jean-Christophe Averty, and that the program was aired by France 1.
So far I haven’t found a trace of the whereabouts of the source materials of this program.* It’s not impossible that Averty, as he did in earlier instances, used the contents of the concert for two Ray Charles specials, and that the remainder of the concert has also survived in the INA vaults (four days later this was the setlist of a concert in the UK).

  1. Let The Good Times Roll
  2. Georgia On My Mind
  3. Oh What A Beautiful Morning
  4. Busted
  5. Just Because**
  6. Some Enchanted Evening

*France 1 was privatized in the 1980s, which is probably the reason why the program can’t be found in the database of INA, the French public television and radio archive. Also see the comment to this post: it could be that this program was aired on October 26, 1984. ** In the video, in one of the funniest title corruptions ever, the tune is titled “Just A Bounce”.


JPVerger — 2012-01-16 09:53:58

On peut se poser la question au sujet de l'INA ; mais France 2 a diffuse dans le debut des annees 80 dans les quelques emissions de Jazz qu'il y avait les concerts de Ray Charles a Montreux en 1978(diffuse le 26 et 31 juillet 80) et d'Antibes en Juillet 79 (diffuse en 4 parties numerotees 1,2,3,4);R C N°3 a ete diffuse le 1er juillet 1983 (CPC83052338). Le 26 octobre 1984 est diffuse une emission concernant Ray Charles (Jazz Derniere) sur FR2 qui pourrait etre un extrait du festival d'Antibes 1982(CAB01032914 tire de la matrice mere N°CAB99004216).Il reste a verifier. JPVerger

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