Written by
Bob Stumpel

January 27

Ray Charles Live In Deauville (1995)

'95 LC DeauvilleConcert 1995 Deauville

 Photo taken in the
Summer of 1995, in
France; exact location

Today I was able to listen in to (most of) a concert that was entirely new to me, documenting the show on 5 July 1995, at the Swing In music festival in Deauville. The tape I heard was a copy of a radio broadcast; most tunes were just slightly truncated at the beginning, probably because an amateur editor tried to get rid of comments by the radio show’s host or reporter.
The broadcast (or its edit) didn’t represent the whole concert. I Can’t Stop Loving You and What’d I Say are no doubt missing from it. What remained didn’t contain any surprises:

  1. Then We’ll Be Home (Sadies Tune)
  2. Busted
  3. Georgia On My Mind
  4. Some Enchanted Evening
  5. Just For A Thrill 
  6. If I Could
  7. Stranger In My Own Home Town
  8. A Song For You
  9. Knock On Wood (with The Raelettes)


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