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Bob Stumpel

January 31

Ray Charles Live In Pasadena (2002)

02 LC PasadenaConcert 2002 Pasadena

More photos here.

On 6 October 2002 the Ray Charles band performed at the Verizon Musical Festival, in the Central Park of Old Pasadena. I knew about a possible bootleg with seven songs (cf. this), but today I listened to a much more extensive tracklist from an audience-taped bootleg. The audio quality was very low, but the taping has some documentary value because of the rare instrumentals, and since it (currently, as far as I know) is the last full concert taping with the Orchestra and The Raelettes.

01. Festival speaker + audience noise

02. Orchestra intro + Unidentified instrumental #1 (Ray Charles Orchestra)

03. Unidentified instrumental #2 (Ray Charles Orchestra)

04. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Ray Charles Orchestra) + Intro RC

05. Then We’ll Be Home (Sadies Tune)

06. Busted

07. Georgia On My Mind

08. Mississippi Mud

09. Just For A Thrill 

10. Almost Like Being In Love

11. Hey Girl

12. Stranger In My Own Home Town

13. A Song For You

14. Rock Steady (The Raelettes)

15. Shadows Of My Mind (The Raelettes)

16. I Can’t Stop Loving You (prelude only)

17. What’d I Say + Outro


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