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Bob Stumpel

April 21

Ray Charles On The Dinah Shore (Chevy) Show (1963)

'63 TV Dinah

The integral 58m47s Dinah Shore Show  that was aired by NBC on January 23, 1963, is embedded below.
I strongly advise to watch the whole show; it’s a gem. It seems to be totally in tact, as originally broadcast (although I suspect that the original was in color). With  filmed and inscripted studio commercials and all. With the infamous hand that Dinah put on Ray’s shoulder. But above all: with a mini concert by Ray Charles, with his Orchestra, and with The Raelettes.
The only thing that seems to be missing, compared with several television history sources, is a rendition of Georgia On My Mind, but I think these sources were wrong on this detail.

  • [Dinah’s laudatory intro] 27:00
  • Just A Little Lovin’ 27:40
  • You Don’t Know Me 30:50
  • What’d I Say 34:24
  • [Finale:] Zip A Dee Do Dah (with Dinah Shore, Liberace, Peter Nero and Big Tiny Little) 54.39

For more context see my first article on this program.


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