Written by
Bob Stumpel

February 12

Ray Charles On The Steel Pier Show (1971)

'71 TV Steel NM

The TV stations new logo, in 1971.

According to the Philadelphia Tribune of 14 August 1971, The Steel Pier Show had a “star-studded bill that includes Ray Charles, B.B. King and Cab Calloway highlights”. Also featured were Chuck Berry, Hugh Masekela and The Union of South Africa, plus three vocal groups, The Main Ingredient, The Duprees and the Dovells.

The program was aired on a Saturday afternoon, August 14th, by the local ABC outfit WPVI TV (Channel 6; cf. 1, 2, 3). The “variety show” was hosted by Ed Hurst. WFIL Radio DJ George Michael hosted the dancing-to-recorded music session on the program.

The big question, of course, is if Ray really appeared in the show, or if the format was just a group of extras from the audience, dancing to one of his records.

Who knows more?


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