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Bob Stumpel

December 13

Ray Charles On TV In Genoa (1985)

'85 LC Genoa NMConcert 1985 Genoa TV NM

On 4 December Ray Charles stayed at theSavoia Majestic Hotelin Genoa, where he hired Luca Begonia, a local trombone player, as a stand-in 2 hours before his concert started. Cf. this; review here.
The concert was taped, or broadcast live, by a “private tv station”. Afterwards one of the spectators went to court to get a compensation for not being able to enjoy the performance because cameras had blocked his sight. A judge first sentenced that he should be offered access to Ray’s concert in Milan, on the 16th, plus a compensation for his train ticket, but this was revoked later. Source: La Stampa, 14 and 17 December 1985.

Who knows more about the destiny of the footage?


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