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Bob Stumpel

May 30

Ray Charles Plays For Children (Imaginary Albums, Vol. 1)

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  1. Alphabet Song (with kids choir)
  2. Alphabet Song (with other celebs)
  3. It’s Not Easy Being Green (with Kermit)
  4. It’s Not Easy Being Green (with Muppet choir)
  5. I Got A Song (with Bert & Ernie)
  6. Monster In The Mirror (with Grover and other celebs)
  7. Believe In Yourself (wih Elmo and Sesame choir)
  8. Zip A Dee Do Dah
  9. There It Is (as G-Clef)

    Bonus tracks:


Bob Stumpel — 2014-06-23 11:40:38

a) Can you please re-post your comment on the 1975 Chronology page? Click: raycharlesvideomuseum.blogspot.nl/2010/08/ray-charles-is-in-town-chronology-1975.html b) If you can share these photos, I'll be happy to place them! c) Did you check the archives of local newspapers?

Anonymous — 2014-06-22 21:47:19

I have checked this great website for a Ray Charles rare one nite concert event in a big club at downtown, Shreveport, Louisiana duringJuly/Aug 1975..I was staying at Holiday Inn racket club hotel nearby while working on a auto shredder plant installation and one day I accidentally met Eddie "lockjaw" Davis who was also staying at the hotel..while I was surprised of is presence I thought he was having a gig somewhere so we exchange "IDs" and I told him about my heart feeling hobby playing jazz, trumptet horns...He asked if I played long and I said since I was 8 yr.old... Wow David said ..maybe you could help me.He told me about this one nite job in a local club with some of the Count Basie band cats... and I froze ....wow wow David!! I can play with my heart now but I don't read arrangements for awhile..He said, if you play with your heart you can play Negro Baptist Blues.. I said You bet!! So, I had the honor tho meet some of the trumpet leaders and band cats and we rehearsed until I think was "Sweet Edison" that aid I was good for the 3rd. trumpet!!!.. I could not believe it!! What they did not tell me was, that nite we would be playing for Ray Charles!! Fortunately, my girlfriend took about two Ektachrome slide rolls of photos!! The nite was magical and ungorgettable for me, Bother Ray and the Raylettes....4 hour concert..what else can I say!! However..I can't find anywhere news of this event in Ray Charles 1975 chronology or a lot many other websites... Do you per chance have anyrecords of this event?? Please let me know : sboari@sbcglobal.net

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