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Bob Stumpel

April 20

Ray Charles Surprising Michel Leeb In C’est Votre Vie (1994)

'94 TV Leeb

Charles Aznavour, Michel Leeb, 
Ray Charles (video still).

In the January 29 episode of C’est Votre Vie (This Is Your Life), aired by Antenne 2 in 1994, Ray Charles was among the guests (together with Charles Aznavour) to surprise the German-French comedian, singer and actor Michel Leeb. Ray delighted him with a heart warming rendition of What’d I Say.
The show was presented by Frédéric Mitterrand (nephew of). Ray was accompanied by the Super Swing Machine and three occasional, French, ‘Raelettes’.
This show was probably taped around New Years Eve 1993/1994 – when Ray also appeared in Club Dorothée.*

* Special thanks to André Monnot for sharing the footage with me, and for this date conjecture.


Anonymous — 2012-04-21 19:56:07

Dans l'image que vous avez choisi, Charles Aznavour est un peu comme Maurice André.

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