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February 20

Rita Graham, Vibrations (Ray Charles On Piano) (1969)

Album3 1969 RitaWith Ray CharlesWith Rita Graham

  1. You Better Go Now
  2. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
  3. (There Is) No Greater Love
  4. Meditation
  5. P.S. I Love You
  6. Charade
  7. The Genie
  8. My Cup Runneth Over
  9. You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
  10. Cover photo by Howard Morehead. 
  11. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)

    Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles, in three sessions at RPM Studio in Los Angeles.

    On February 23, 1968 #1, #2, #8, and #9 were recorded with Clifford Scott (flute); Billy Preston, ; Barry Rillera (guitar); Al McKibbon (electric bass); Edward “Sharky” Hall (drums); Jerry Reisler, Stanley Plummer, William Kurasch, William Weiss, Mischa Russell, Bill Hymanson, Tibor Zelig (violin); Joe DiFiore, Harry Hyams (viola); Ray Kelley (cello).

    On March 25, 1968 #3, #4, #5 and Treat Me Good were recorded with Jim Horn (electric flute); Truman Thomas (piano); Howard M. Roberts (guitar); Bob West (electric bass); Earl Palmer (drums); Sid Sharp, Marshall Sosson, Lou Klass, Israel Baker, Tibor Zelig, Ralph Schaeffer, William Kurasch (violin); Harry Hyams, Joe DiFiore (viola); Jesse Ehrlich (cello).

    The details of the third session, where #6 and #7 were recorded, are unknown.

    Treat Me Good can probably be identified with the Jimmy Radcliffe / Buddy Scott song, as recorded e.g. in 1967 by Julie London for her With Body And Soul album (Liberty ‎LRP-3514).

    Sid Feller (arranger, conductor, producer); Ray Charles (co-producer).

    From the liner notes by Lu Washington: “Rita Graham combined her innate musical talents with the painstaking aid of Ray Charles to produce this unusual work. From the time of her discovery by Ray Charles, he has worked relentlessly with Miss Graham in developing her style.”

    All in all, it took one and a half year to produce the album. Read this interview with Rita: on their first meeting, the recording of the album, the lack of promotion, and her later role as a Raelette. Her webpage is here.

    Tangerine TRCS 1507, 1969.


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