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Bob Stumpel

October 20

Running Out (Ft. Mable John)

'70 LC FillmoreEastUnreleasedWith Mable JohnWith The Raelettes

Mable John and Ray Charles, backstageat a concert in San Francisco, on
December 5, 1971. 
Photo by Robert Altman.

Unreleased (but downloadable).

Recorded once, at the Fillmore East on 18 April 1970. From Wolfgang’s Vault: “The Raelet[te]s sequence begins with a funky, Memphis soul-driven take on Ashford & Simpson’s Running Out, one of the singles Mable John recorded for Stax. Although her undeniably compelling voice is the lead instrument here, the voices of Susaye Green, Estella Yarborough, and Vernita Moss are so tightly arranged that they fuse into a powerful singular voice that is undeniably captivating.”

Ray Charles – piano, voc; Blue Mitchell, Bill King, Herbie Anderson, Marshall Hunt – trumpets; Joe Randazzo, Henry Coker, Glenn Childress, Fred Murell – trombones; Andy Ennis, David Newman, Jay Cloyd Miller, Curtis Peagler, Leroy Cooper – saxophones; Ben Martin – guitar; Edgar Willis – bass; Ernie Elly – drums; Kenny Lupper – piano, organ. The Raelettes: Mable John – contralto vocal (lead vocal), Susaye Green – soprano vocal, Estella Yarbrough – alto vocal, Vernita Moss – bass vocal.

John’s 1968 recording:


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