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October 19

Say No More

'96 Clip SayAlbum 1996 Affair

Album: Strong Love Affair, Qwest Records 9362-46107-2, January 1996.

Recorded in Paris (instruments) and at RPM International in Los Angeles (voice). Produced by Jean-Pierre Grosz.
For the session’s personnel, follow the album link, above.

On 13 February 1996 France 2 News had an item with interviews of the team that wrote Say No More for Ray Charles: Jean-Pierre Grosz, Ronnie Bird and Pierre Papapadiamantis. Source: Ina, ID CAB96007116.

In his book Ray, Mon Ami (Paris, 2005), Jean-Pierre Grosz described how he initiated the production of the clip. It was directed by Olias Barco, and produced by Janvier Production. The film was shot by an all-French team in Hollywood.
The scene with the little girl was filmed at Washington Boulevard. During one of the takes shot at that location, Grosz saw “[…] Ray tripping over the sidewalk and falling full length, hands forward. […] I take his hands to check if they were harmed in the fall, but he immediately reassures me, ‘No, no, do not worry, Jean Pierre, all is well. You know, I fall once a day on average… on good days! I’m like all blind people, I have a habit of tripping and falling, so I know: it’s by trying to stop your fall that you might hurt yourself.'”

Music clip:

Miami 1999:

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