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Bob Stumpel

October 19

Shadows Of My Mind (The Raelettes, ft. Karen Evans)

Album 1997 MontreuxWith Karen EvansWith The Raelettes

Album (Blu Ray DVD): Ray Charles Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival, Eagle Rock B001JL2V2E, December 2012 [there were several more releases].

The Raelettes in the Montreux 1997 version were (fltr): Estella Yarbrough, Katrina Harper Cooke, Kathy Mackey, Karen Evans, Tonette McKinney.

Two audiotapes of working sessions where Feller and Charles worked out the arrangement of the song have survived. On the second tape The Raelettes try out their vocal arrangement.
The existence of these tapes strongly suggests that Ray once (in the mid 1970s?) meant to record the tune in his studio.

Montreux ’97:

’75 LC Paris – ft. Madelyn Quebec
02 LC Pasadena


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