Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 19

She Knows

Album 1978 Love

Album: Love And Peace, Crossover/Atlantic 19199, September 1978.

Recorded with members of the Ray Charles Orchestra and strings at RPM International in Los Angeles. Magnificent trumpet solo by Johnny Coles.

The live version had an even slower and further stripped down arrangement (like a ‘duet between Genius and bass’), and an even more virtuoso end (see the Warsaw clip, below).
Bass player Nils Johnson remembered “[…] him singing the falsetto end of She Knows with a head cold and all sorts of congestion on his vocal chords. His elbows pushed into his sides as he simply nailed it. It seemed impossible in his condition but he did it anyway!”
After suffering an acute laryngitis in ’99, however, Ray had to stop performing the song.

Warsaw 1984:

’78 TV Exclusif
’79 TV Douglas NM
’79 TV TS
’79 LC Antibes
’79 LC Viareggio
’80 LC Pops
’80 LC Northsea
’81 LC Prague
’84 LC Nancy
’84 LC Warsaw – Released
’84 LC Ithaca
’86 LC Lugano
’86 LC Rio
’90 LC ArtPark
’90 LC Lloret
’90 LC Tokyo
’91 LC BlueNote


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