Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 14

Teardrops From My Eyes

Album 1964 Tears

Album: Sweet And Sour Tears, ABC/Paramount 480, August 1964.
Single (B): ABC 10615, January 1965, b/w Cry.

Recorded on 8 May 1964 at the United Studios in Hollywood and arranged by Calvin Jackson. The track lost about 30 seconds to fit the 45 RPM (radio) format.

Follow the link above to read about the line-up.

Ray rediscovered the tune during the 1990 Superband tour, and then kept it on his repertoire until the end – in trio, quartet, big band and symphony gigs.

Tonight Show 1990:

’90 LC Dresden BB
’90 LC Milan
’90 LC Rome
’90 TV TS
’90 LC Caneção
’90 LC Tokyo
’91 LC BlueNote
’91 LC Milan
’92 LC Antibes
’94 LC Moscow
’95 LC Greenville
’95 LC Tramps – 3x
’96 LC London
’96 LC Lugano
’96 LC Montauk
’97 LC Northsea
’99 LC Rheingau
’99 LC Glasgow
’03 LC Melbourne
’03 LC Whitehouse


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