Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 12

The Sun Died

Album 1968 Portrait

Album: A Portrait Of Ray, ABC/Tangerine 625, March 1968.

Nicoletta and Ray Charles,
early 70s, prob. in Montreal.

The song’s original title is Il Est Mort Le Soleil, written by Nicoletta.

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles in February 1968.

With strings, a choir, woodwinds, and probably a rhythm section with studio musicians (all uncredited, but possibly with Carol Kaye on bass). Arranged by Sid Feller.

Track #2:

Paris 1968:

’68 LC Bakersfield
’68 LC Paris – 2x
’68 TV Hope NM
’70 TV Humperdinck
’70 LC Paris – 2x
71 LC Paris
72 LC Paris – 3x
76 LC Antibes
’78 LC Montreux – Part of medley
’78 TV Exclusif


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