Written by
Bob Stumpel

October 11

There Is No Greater Love (By Jimmy Scott, Ray Charles On Piano)

Album3 1963 JimmyWith Jimmy Scott

Album3: Jimmy Scott: Falling In Love Is Wonderful, Tangerine, TRC 1501, 1963.

Taped at the United Recordings Studios in Hollywood, in 1962.

Arranged by Gerald Wilson.

Jimmy Scott: “The record was completed in just a few sessions. I don’t think we did more than two takes on any one tune. There wasn’t any overdubbing either. It was all-the-way live. The fiddlers were fiddling. Ray was playing, and I was singing, all at the same time. When we were through, everyone was thrilled – me, Ray and the arrangers. We knew we had a hit.”

The other musicians were not credited.


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