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Bob Stumpel

October 10

Unchain My Heart

Album 1960 - 1973 SingularAlbum 2004 CompanyWith Take 6

Single (A): ABC 10266, 20 November 1961, b/w But On The Other Hand, Baby.
Compilation album: Singular Genius, Concord Records, 15 November 2011.

Steve Hoffman wrote that “Ray Charles recorded both Hit The Road Jack and Unchain My Heart on one 30-minute reel of tape in real ‘reel’ time. In other words, both songs finished, recorded and mixed within 1/2 hour!”
For some more fascinating insights in early 1960’s record production, also read these remarks by Hoffman.

Ballad In Blue, filmed 1964:

Ray recording this song, 
from a tour brochure.

’62 LC Berlin – Released
’62 LC Paris – Released
’63 LC Paris
’65 FI Ballad – Movie, released
’78 LC Montreux – Part of medley

It’s not clear to me what the recording by Take 6 had to do on Genius Loves Company (Concord, August 2004). Ray must have liked this vocalese interpretation, though.


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